Blog #6

This assignment was difficult for me.  My thesis statement isn’t strong.  It needs some work, and with advice I think it could turn out good.  Research has been tough, because both the movie and the book are old.  The book was written in 1915.  There has been several plays over the book and even a film made in 1938.  It seems for my final draft I have going to have to dig deeper into google and hunt for some articles.

I feel like my organization of the essay is good so far.  I need to add a lot more to the body of it.  I pretty much stayed with my outline, I didn’t switch it up much.  The only thing I really need to do is add more to it.  I could make my conclusion a little bit longer and more interesting.

I would give advice to future students to pick something that easier to compare than what i picked.  It would make their research a lot easier.  I would also tell them to try to pick something they have watched before or read before.  I would also tell them to dig deep in their research.  Don’t use the first thing they read online, or use the first article they see.  I think most of the students will like this assignment overall.  It is just really easy to struggle with the research and the organization of what you want to do or say.  I would tell them not to get frustrated with it.

I haven’t met the requirements yet.  I haven’t met how many words need to be used.  I also have intergrated any quotes or articles into the essay.  I have a lot of work to do, mainly because I am struggling with the research a little bit.  I also need to finish the bibliography.  So, I have a lot of work to do.

I got this image from google

(n.d.). Retrieved March 31, 2015, from



Blog #6

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