Blog Entry#4

For this assignment I chose the film She’s All That.  I didn’t know however that it was based on a book.  The book is called Pygmalion.  Fancy name right?  The reason I chose She’s all that is because, I have seen the film before.  It is a Romantic Comedy.  I didn’t know it was about a book, which makes it more interesting.  The book was written in 1912 by George Bernard Shaw.

The film She’s All That was released in 1999.  A long time from 1912.  So the film modernizes the story of the book, to our time.  The two time periods are complete opposites from one another.  In 1912 if you were rich or from a upper class family, you don’t date or talk to a boy or girl who is of lower class.  In the 1990s, it was different.  People of different class went to school together, hung out together, and date on another.  The thing in the 1990s is sports were big in school.  The Athletes dated cheerleaders or athletes of the opposite sex.  Sport stars didn’t date artist or drama people.  They were considered “losers”.  In the original text, a man from upper class bet his friend he could turn a poor flower girl into a duchess at a party.  By teaching her proper words and gentility.

In the film.  Two jocks make a bet that they could turn a loser girl into prom queen.  The main guy Freddie Prince Junior teaches the girl how to be cool, and takes her to parties with the in crowd.  She isn’t to well accepted at first.  She learns how to stand up for herself, and how to talk to people much better than she had in the past.

Both the book and the film sound opposite from one another.  But they both resemble the same story line.  Take someone of lower class or lower self esteem and making them someone special.

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Blog Entry#4

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