Essay Reflection

Overall, I think my essay for my Episode of Once Upon A time was a 6 out of 10.  I did close read the episode, but I think I could do better.  I think I didn’t do so well, because it was my first time doing something like that.  I feel like I explained the Episode in great detail, but I didn’t give enough of the feeling of the episode.  I would change how I explained the theme more of the episode.  It was difficult to explain the feeling for me.  The reason why is because, the episode had many different feelings for me.  It was hard for me to put into words.  It was easy for me to explain the episode in detail though, because I really payed attention to the story line.  In the future I would tell people that they should take every little note they possibly could over the episode they chose.  I would also tell them to choose an episode that seems exciting.  It may be easier for them to write about an exciting episode, than a boring one.  My episode was a little boring and slow moving, it was hard sometimes to stay focused on the details of the episode.  I overall like the episode, so I think the essay turned out alright.  I didn’t have the chance to make an outline.  So I am hoping that my essay was good enough to meet the requirements I needed to.  This assignment did help me discover new knowledge.  It showed me how stories of the past evolve through time.  I never noticed it before, but now I pay attention of the dialogue of older movies compared to the remakes.  I also pay attention to how movies feel and the theme of them, just to see if they are sending a message.


Essay Reflection

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