Once Upon A Time

For the Once Upon A time assignment we had to do, I chose episode 5.  I chose this one really for no one reason except that I read what the episode was about.  When it said it was about Jiminy Cricket It attracted, because I don’t know much about him.  I never really read or saw anyting about Jiminy Cricket growing up.  So this episode interested me.

Episode 5 alluded to Jiminy Cricket.  Through out the episode it shows how Jiminy Cricket came to be.  He was just a man who was in some sort of show with his parents.  Jiminy wanted to leave the family business though.  The main reason is because, his parents were thieves and stole off of everyone they could.  Jiminy however didn’t like to be that kind of person.  He would try to convince his parents to let him leave but they wouldn’t let him.  Jiminy tried to poison them, but it backed fired and he ended up turning a little boys parents into to dolls.  So, after that jiminy wished upon a star.  A fairy or something came down from the skies and granted him a wish to turn into cricket.  By doing this, he promised to help the boy he had hurt, by guiding him through obstacles.

In this episode it was kind of slow moving.  There really wasn’t that much action in it because, it was telling a story.  It was kind of suspenseful because you didn’t know what was going to happen to Jiminy Cricket.  It had modern language in it, no Old English or Fairy Tale type of language you usually see in show or movies like that.  It had a sad tone to it where Jiminy Cricket was wanting to leave his family, but couldn’t.  It was a good episode, that covered a lot of background into Jiminy Crickets life.





Once Upon A Time

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